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Welcome to Sea Resources Management

Human impacts have changed the marine environment and continue to do so. Sadly, these changes have been detrimental to life in the ocean, and sometimes even to its beauty.

Too often, we hear of poisoned seafood; diminished fish catch; smaller fish in the market; filthy beaches; tainted and smelly swimming beach water; eroding coasts; disappearing coral, turtles, albatross, cod, northern bluefin tuna; and so much more.

Nobody wants this to happen but humans learnt ways to exploit the seas before we really understood them. Even now, there is so much about the marine environment that remains unknown. Also, when the number of people on earth was very much less than today, we could get away with certain resource exploitation and waste disposal practices that the oceans simply can no longer sustain. For the sake of our children, their children, and all of the other affected species, we have to get better at managing our behaviour with regard to the coastal and marine environment.

And now, there is another very serious challenge. As the temperature of the planet rises, global sea-levels will rise also. Furthermore, ocean currents that are driven by temperature differentials within the water column may slow down or change in other ways. The potential for significant impact on global weather is real and is not going to go away.

At the same time, the sustainable use of marine resources is essential to the continued health and well-being of human populations around the world. Whether in Government or business, our leaders and decision-makers cannot ignore the capacity of the oceans to provide protein, energy, medicines, minerals, transportation, recreation and more. For developing coastal States and others, ocean wealth is an important factor for future survival.

At Sea Resources Management (SRM), we ‘help organizations to create sustainable wealth from the oceans’. We also work with our partners and clients to ‘use and care for the oceans’. We do this by improving knowledge of the marine environment, thinking creatively to identify opportunities, helping governments to develop good policies and laws, and planning carefully.

If you are looking for advice on a marine or coastal-related issue; need research done to produce data; require a plan, new policy or a project design; or simply want someone to discuss options for your organization, SRM is the best choice.

We understand and care about the oceans. We also understand and care about our clients and their business. With SRM at your side, your goals will be set wisely and sustainably. They will also be met on time and on budget. Our clients almost always become our long-term friends, and we enjoy helping them to succeed. Let us help you also.

Welcome to the SRM website. We hope you will visit us often.

Warm regards,
Juita Ramli
Executive Director, Head of Marine Consulting

20th June 2007


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