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SRM consultants are leaders in their respective fields. Often, they are invited to speak at international conferences, lecture on professional courses, or submit articles and papers for publication. The papers, reports and abstracts below were all published by SRM consultants. We will continue to add to this collection as permission is obtained from various refereed journals and new works are published.

You are welcome to use these texts to help with your research or background reading. We ask only that you observe normal referencing protocols please.

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Maritime Defence and Marine Business in Malaysia (2005)
by Sea Resources Management

Developing Malaysia's National Coastal & Marine Strategy (2003)
by Juita Ramli

Force Structure Planning for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (2003) by Max Herriman and Mat Taib Yasin

The Dilemma of Economics in the Task of Responsible Environmental Planning (2002) by Max Herriman

Malacca Straits EEZ Boundary (2000) by Max Herriman and
Raja Petra Mohamed

Implementation of Marine Pollution Treaties as Municipal Law in East Asian Countries (1999) by Juita Ramli

Ocean Energy and the Law of the Sea (1998) by Max Herriman
and Martin Tsamenyi [extract]

Options for Ocean Governance in Malaysia (1998) by Max Herriman

A New Maritime Legal Regime for Malaysia (1998) by Juita Ramli

A Secure Legal Regime for Offshore Resource Development (1997)
by Max Herriman and Martin Tsamenyi

Australian Ocean Policy International Agreements (1997)
by Max Herriman, et al

China’s Territorial Sea Law and International Law of the Sea (1997)
by Max Herriman

Land-locked and Geographically Disadvantaged States in the
Indian Ocean (1997) by Max Herriman and Sam Bateman

Public Policy Aspects for the Development of National Oceans
Policy (1996) by Max Herriman